A Cultural Heritage

asd1219Humans are by default social animals, we form groups and societies in which we bond and socialise with one another, the same pattern can be seen everywhere, throughout time. Even in the most remote and desolate areas of our planet, ones that are untouched by civilization you won’t find humans living alone, in Africa and in the heart of the Amazon rain forest, tribes of uncivilised people exist, you would expect them to be savages without any rules and laws, but you’d be wrong. These tribes have their own rules, their own morals, and their own beliefs, basically their own cultures. All throughout history, humans living together have had their own cultures based on their beliefs and their way of life, cultures often tend to clash and cause complications, however one part of every culture that can be agreed upon by everyone amiably is its sports.

Sports are fun games that pass time and give people chances to pursue hobbies, that’s what most people would think about sports, however there’s a lot more to sports than there seems to be. Every form of sport, such as football, soccer or cricket were once invented, their rules and regulations didn’t come down from the skies in the form of revelations, our ancestors most probably sat down and came up with sports ass a way to entertain themselves. The games that became popular caught on, and overtime got more refined, till a point came where they became an important part of societies. Today, some of the sports with the largest fan bases are football, baseball, soccer and cricket, their fan bases span over multiple nations, with gigantic tournaments and world cups being held on an international scale. Cricket was first played in England by refined gentlemen wearing top hats and sipping tea, when the British travelled across the world in their conquest, their culture spread in their colonized territories, the sport spread with them, locals quickly learned everything that there was to know about the entertaining game and started playing along with the Englishmen. Even today, cricket has engrained into the cultures of areas like India or Africa, an all-time favourite amongst the locals. Pakistan’s official national sport is hockey, however a majority of its people are more engrossed in cricket.

Similarly, football has its own origin story, the game was discovered by explorers traveling through Africa. Local tribes enjoyed playing a game which involved kicking around a ball made of leather and stuffed with leaves and feathers, the explorers learned the game and took it back to their homelands, where it was refined and eventually lead to football being formed. Football is now played all across the world, it’s even more popular than cricket, international teams participate for titles and trophies, national leagues clash against each other, all of it contributing to an expansive multimillion dollar industry that provides people with something to enjoy. Sports are more than just games, they’ve become part of peoples’ lives and substantial forces that shape modern day society.

Booming Industry

football_1Society gets shaped by what its people think and do, what they like and dislike, the norms and morals vary in every society along with their beliefs and their sense of right and wrong. All these factors tend to change with time, as newer generations come they bring their own rule with them that eventually override the rule set by their predecessors. However, one of the few things that remain constant in society is its culture, culture does not change quickly, it can’t be changed quickly, based on the traditions of every society’s ancestors and founding fathers. An important part of every culture is its sports, most cultures have their own sports. However some share their sports with other countries, these games help them in forming bonds with one another and putting their differences aside.

In today’s world, sports aren’t just games anymore, they’ve transformed into something so much more. Football, cricket, basketball, baseball and plenty of other games have grown from fun outdoors activities to multimillion dollar industries that are flourishing on international levels. In fact, the more popular sports such as football have become part of pop culture throughout the world, players have transformed into celebrities worth millions and teams have turned into brand of sorts. World cups and tournaments are held for every sport, each event being sponsored by tons of companies and brands, they act as advertisement platforms that are viewed by a large part of the world’s population. Brand logos and slogans can be seen on the grounds, on the side rails, even on the players themselves, massive stadiums are constructed to house these matches, drawing gigantic crowds. People book their tickets months before the tournaments start, these tickets can cost a lot, and their prices increase as they become limited. The last football world cup held in 2014 was hosted by Brazil, and in its short span the country’s economy sky rocketed, people poured from all around the world to attend the tournament, the same goes for every tournament held for every sport. One look at the setup shows just how much capital has been pumped into it to make it work. The sports industry also contributes to economies of third world countries like Pakistan, where companies outsource their production of sports goods like footballs and cricket pads to these countries, creating job opportunities and providing companies with ways of increasing the GDP.

Recently a new kind of sports has taken hold of the world; E-Sports. E sports has transformed casual computer gaming into a proper competition, people from all around the world take part in large online matches hosted by gaming companies, this trend has opened a whole new world of possibilities for gamers. E sporting competitions have budgets as huge as normal sporting events, sometimes even more due to the expensive equipment that is used in these events. Many youngsters have taken part in these competitions and have turned into veritable celebrities by winning first place, the prize for first place can go up to billions of dollars in cash. The world of sports is fun and profitable, and not to forget competitive.